Consultancy and advising


Bjoern Erichsen

General management

• Mission and vision
• Identity and brand
• Portfolio and focus
• Manager or leader
• Staff and motivation
• Marketing, pr and publishing

General TV Management

• Public service versus commercial broadcasting
• Restructuring a broadcast station
• From media to multimedia
• From passive reception to active participation

Specific TV management

• Production or broadcast company
• Program management
• Financial management
• Human resource management
• On screen and of screen marketing
• Turning your rating and share around
• Management of grid and schedule
• State, broadcaster and media law

Specific program management

• News and Credibility
• Diversity and mass media
• Share and target groups
• Investigative journalism
• Critical approach, the fourth power of state
• Creative staff makes creative programs
• Easy understandable, told in images and told bottom up

Coproducing in Europe

• Share the program, split the bill
• Financial Coproductions
• Collections and program bouquets
• Live Coproductions
• How to manage your national Eurovision Song Contest
• How to manage your grand Eurovision Song Contest